2018 T2 Player Squad

Brittany Mendham

Chelsea Rieger

Dilli Kenyon

Ebony Brunt

Eliisa Fok

Hannah Butler

Fiona Jefferies

Jane Weatherstone

Maddie Sargent

Rish Rummukainen

Nikita Horvath

Peta Lehoczky

Sally Thompson

Sarah Pilbeam



Jess McNeil

Jessica Joss

Karen Stuart-Williams

Kirsten Hudson

Kristy Tank

Leisha Armstrong

Linda Mendham

Maddie Prescott

The T2 Showcase series involves three rounds of games with the Canberra Pirates playing games with NSW Bombers, Melbourne Dragons, Adelaide Valkyries and Brisbane Stars. 

On the 24 and 25 of March, Canberra hosted the first round of the T2 Showcase series. 

Current standings 

1. NSW Bombers 

2. Canberra Pirates

3. Melbourne Dragons 

4. Adelaide Valkyries 

5.Brisbane Stars

Player statistics for the 2018 Showcase Series can be found here